Colorado River

With both it's source and mouth within the state of Texas, 862 miles make this the longest river in the state. The Spanish name given to the river derives from the color of the water, or "colored red".

The stretch of the Colorado we focus on is located in downtown Austin, Lady Bird Lake (see below), and down stream of Austin. Along this stretch the river is deep and wide, with sand and gravel bars making up most of the river structure. Water clarity is variable and is more often stained.

Fish species include Largemouth bass, smallmouth bass, bluegills, spotted gar, and carp.

A float trip is recommended for the stretches below Austin. The water is wade-able and the trip can turn into a mixed trip of wading and floating. Call or email me for your Colorado River experience.

Colorado River at Austin, Texas

Rate of flow in cubic feet per second

USGS Colorado River at Austin, Tx Water-data graph


Lady Bird Lake

Lady Bird Lake is located in the heart of down town Austin. A stark contrast of most Hill Country fisheries, the limestone hills are replaced with high-rises. However, this lake can produce some large fish.

The lake is actually a dammed section of the Colorado River, with it's upper border being Tom Miller Dam, holding back Lake Austin. At the lower end is Longhorn Dam holding the water to create Lady Bird Lake. Originally the lake was named Town Lake, but was renamed after the passing of Lady Bird Johnson.

Public access to this lake is fairly easy and is a popular spot for paddle sport activities. The lake bans the use of gasoline powered motors which allows for much safer boat traffic and less fishing pressure. We make use of this ban by employing our river rafts to fish from.

Largemouth bass, smallmouth bass, spotted bass, bluegills, various sunfish make up the fish selection for this lake. Carp are also a prime target for fly fishermen on this lake. Due to the grass flats on the lower end of the lake, sight casting to feeding carp is a great way to spend an afternoon. Book now for a unique, "austin"-tatious, fishing experience!


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