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Hell ‘N Back offers fly fishing guide service on the many rivers of the Texas Hill Country in search of native fish species to be caught on a fly. We offer float trips, wade trips, fly casting lessons, and eco-tours. Whether it’s bass on the Blanco or rainbow trout on the beautiful Guadalupe, you’re sure to have a memorable experience with Hell ‘N Back Outfitters!

New and Noteworthy

Guadalupe River Trout

Guadalupe Trout Season 2017

We are currently in our trout season on the Guadalupe; and the fishing so far has been great! Flows are up, once again. A wet winter means we have seen a steady release that averaged between 250 and 300 cubic feet per second, which has been great for float and wade fishing. These flows also help to disperse the fish in the river and opens up a lot of water for fishing. As of writing this update flows will be increasing, again, to 400+ cfs.

There have been several stockings of Rainbow trout in the river and they are beautiful fish. We have had some great days on the water, with good hatches and fish responding well to our presentations. Midge hatches and Baetis and Trico mayflies have been our strongest hatches, so don't be afraid to go small with your fly selection.

So, check the flows, grab your rod, use good judgement when wading, and get out there! With the flows going up don't forget you can always call us to book a Full or Half Day Float on the beautiful Guadalupe River. We will do all the hard work and let you enjoy a day of fishing. The flows are up and the fishing is GOOD!

Troutfest 2017

Troutfest 2017 returns this year at Lazzy L&L Campround on the banks of the beautiful Guadalupe River. On the weekend of February 17th-19th this lazy camp will transform into one of the biggest and busiest weekends on the Guadalupe. Make sure to get your tickets for the Banquet on Friday night and don't forget to come see us at the Exposition on Saturday and Sunday. The Expo is free and open to the public. Follow the link below to answer any further questions. See you there!


Guadalupe 101, Intro to Fly Fishing

Hell 'N Back Outfitters, along with Action Angler and Castell Guide Service, are once again offering the Guadalupe 101, Intro to Fly Fishing class at Action Angler and Outdoor Center. This is a great opportunity to learn the basics of fly casting and fishing in the Guadalupe River for trout.

  • In this class you will learn about:
    - Overhead and false casting
    - Roll Casting
    - Reading Water
    - Flies to Match the Guadalupe River Hatches
    - Knots for fly fishing
    - Rigging for the Guadalupe River
    - Public Access points on the Guadalupe River tailwater

This is a small class setting that will allow for individualized instruction as well as group interaction that we have found to be an effective and economical way to learn about fishing for rainbow trout on the Guadalupe River below Canyon Dam.

Date: Sunday, January 22, 2017
Time: 8:00am to 12:00pm
Location: Action Angler and Outdoor Center
Class Size: Max of 12 people, preregistration is required
Cost: $100/person

-Wader rentals available through Action Angler for $20/person

  • All participants will qualify for discounts on the following:
    - 10%off Fly Rod and Reel setups on the day of the class
    - 10% off a full day Float trip with either HNB, CGS or Action Angler
    - Apply your wader rental cost towards the purchase of waders and boots.

Call or email me to Reserve your spot today! 512-940-5965 / judson@centraltexasflyfishing.com

After a long day of fishing I begin my way home on a dusty country road. On my journey I take a turn onto Purgatory Road and from there I glide across the Devil's Backbone. All of these ominous sounding epithets really set the mood for this harsh landscape. A landscape so vast and rugged that it seems impossible for life to sustain. Deep valleys and soaring vistas are filled with jagged limestone outcroppings. Cedar trees cling to the rocks searching for a drop of water. It is a place of beauty; and of despair. A place of mystic lore, scorching heat, and rattlesnakes...

Guadalupe River Fly Fishing Guide

...And then you cross "the river." Not one in particular, but one of the MANY located in Central Texas. Winding slowly through the Hill Country these rivers provide the life-blood for existence here. Lush banks of vegetation frame the river with blasts of color. Sweet-smelling Mountain Laurels, neon-pink Redbuds, giant Live Oaks, and the noble Cypress all make their homes on the river bank. The water, crystal clear, comes bubbling up from ancient springs, eroding the ever present limestone like a potter molding clay. They carve their way slowly across Texas, falling gracefully from the upper elevations of the western Hill Country, moving south east and widening out into deep ribbons of water on their journey to the Gulf of Mexico.

These same Hill Country rivers are a FLY FISHERMAN'S PARADISE!!! Texas is home to some unique aquatic species, many of which are located in these waterways. Whether nymphing for trophy rainbow trout on the Guadalupe River or stalking record size Largemouth bass on the San Marcos, it is year round fishing at it's finest.

Hill Country Fly Fishing for Bass

......With thoughts of the days events on my mind I crest a hill on the Devil's Backbone. On the expanding horizon I see another spectacular Hill Country sunset. Reds, oranges, blues, and purples fill the sky; and in my rearview mirror a fast approaching thunderstorm. I ride in front of the line of dark storms and head long into a surreal veil of light framed by darkening clouds....I truly feel I have gone to Hell 'N Back!

Why the Name "Hell 'N Back"?


  • Guided Fishing Trips
  • Learn Fly Fishing
  • Buy Custom Tied Flies
Guadalupe River Fly Fishing Guide

Hell 'N Back Outfitters specializes in guided fly fishing trips in the scenic Hill Country. Whether you are interested in targeting rainbow trout on the Guadalupe tailrace or bass and sunfish on one of the many Hill Country rivers, we can PUT YOU ON FISH!

Fly Fishing Lessons

Have you ever wanted to learn how to fly fish? I have found there is no better way to learn than by doing! I can custom tailor an instructional lesson to fit your needs and skill level. Let Hell 'N Back Outfitters get you started in your Fly Fishing adventures.

Fly Casting Lessons



In a typical Fly Fishing lesson you will not only learn how to cast a fly rod, but how to put the cast to work for you and catch fish. We will cover casting mechanics and techniques, fly selection and presentation, how to "read the water", and angling ethics. We will discuss and practice different fishing situations to make you a well rounded fly fisherman.

Contact me to book your fly fishing lesson.

Custom tied flies

Need to restock your fly boxes for the upcoming season?


Planning a trip and need some specific flies?

Place your order with
Hell 'N Back Outfitters!



With a sample fly, brief description, or picture I can create or re-create just about anything for a truly custom order. I specialize in trout flies (nymphs, emergers, dries, soft hackles, etc.) and bass flies (poppers, streamers, and jigs) of all sizes, but can also reproduce some hot patterns for the Gulf Coast (shrimp, crabs, baitfish streamers).

A minimum of 1 dozen flies is required for all orders and a deposit will be required for all orders over 2 dozen.

Call now to place your order!


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